I had the privilege of shaping the visual style and animating an explainer video for the 'Guarantee Our Essentials' campaign, a joint initiative by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Trussell Trust. The primary aim of the video was to address the shortcomings of the social security system and advocate for much-needed reform to ensure that everyone can access life's essentials.
I crafted a gentle and approachable visual style, complemented by a distinctive and bold colour palette. The creative process involved several stages of experimentation before reaching its eventual form. I have displayed these stages below. We opted for frame-by-frame animation, which provided me with the exciting opportunity to not only illustrate but also animate this project.
Some shots I animated:
This is one of the initial tests for animating this project, where I explored the potential of achieving fluidity with minimal frames and a low frame rate. 
Animation: Winston Tsang, James Lawson, Inês Margarida, Nadia Kawafi
Illustration: Nadia Kawafi, Winston Tsang
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