During my time at Flow Creative, I had the privilege of contributing to the rebranding for Radical Forge, an indie games company seeking a refreshed image that aligned with their lively, rebellious, and punk ethos. I was in charge of crafting the illustrative style and producing iconography to be used throughout the new brand. This project really resonated with me which allowed me to seamlessly craft visuals that authentically conveyed their unique personality. In addition to illustrating, I played a pivotal role in designing the brand's logo, a collaborative process refined by the talented designer, Josh Taylor. Given my passion for video games and affinity for the industry, this project was really exciting and enjoyable. The resulting outcome was a distinctive brand style that perfectly captures Radical Forge's culture and spirit.
Below, is the initial illustration I created for the brand logo and next to it is the refined version, done by Josh Taylor. I also created multiple hand mark icons that are used throughout the rebrand.
Some more exploratory work:
Design: Josh Taylor
Illustration: Nadia Kawafi, James Lawson
Animation: James Lawson, Jim Kuwamura

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