The People’s Plan for Nature (PPfN) is a UK initiative aimed at conserving and revitalizing nature through collective action. Despite its widespread recognition, WWF faced a challenge: there was a gap between awareness and actual implementation within communities. To address this, they wanted to create a video simplifying the PPfN, making it more understandable and actionable for diverse communities across the UK.
I collaborated with Tack Studio on this project, taking the lead in illustration and bringing the storyboard to life. With the People's Plan for Nature already showcasing a captivating visual style, my task was to adapt to this aesthetic and maintain consistency across the storyboard and illustrations. I strived to seamlessly integrate the video into the Plan's established brand identity. I also created some simple frame by frame sequences to be used throughout the video. The watercolour style was inspired by Graham Roumieu's beautiful watercolour artworks featured in the Plan.

The final product was a succinct animated video that effectively conveyed the essence of the PPfN. Through vibrant visuals and authentic storytelling, the video simplified the plan's key messages, motivating communities to take action for nature conservation.
Creative Direction: Matt Volp
Scriptwriting: Alastair Dickie
Storyboarding: Matt Volp, Nadia Kawafi
Illustration: Nadia Kawafi
Animation: Matt Volp, Nadia Kawafi
Sound Design: Dom Storrs
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